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Dźwigi Kościan Euro Crane Sebastian Pieprzyk a famly run company since 1968 Company VAT Number (NIP):PL: 6981591267
Address: Kielczewo, ul. Koscianska 136 Post code: 64-000 Kościan Poland


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Our company specializes in the sale, rental and service of cranes. We have vast experience as well as a dynamic team of experts who are able to maintain and service machinery that we sell in our authorised service facility. We also have mobile service vans to save customers time and money.

We have one of the largest stocks of modern Cranes for sale and rent in Poland. We specialist in carpentry and roofing cranes, trailer cranes, truck mounted cranes, cherry pickers, and work platforms.

Most importantly we have the knowledge, skills and passion that allow us to keep our customers equipment in full working order! no matter where they may be located.

We are constantly updating our stock please look on the offers page of our website for all available stock. We are constantly looking to purchase used cranes.

We are very proud to offer the possibility of renting equipment safe in the knowledge that one of our qualified operators will be able to oversee the task from start to finish.

If you have specialized licenses, you may be able to rent equipment without our operators. Please contact us for more details

We focus on the efficiency of our machinery and offer

  • Electrical repairs
  • Hydraulic oil testing
  • System diagnostics & Upgrades
  • Tests of the Office of Technical Inspection
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Periodic inspections

We also offer a large number of training courses for individuals or companies that require licences to operate mobile cranes, as well as roofing lifts, the courses all are completed with a state examination before the UDT. (Government testing body)

We are able to collect and drop off machines to your door step saving time and money. Our headquarters are located in Kościan approximately 300 kilometres from Berlin.

We also have a branch located in Leszno Ul Okrężna 25, Leszno 64-100 Poland

Please contact us with your requirements and one of our friendly team will be glad to help



tell Mobile 0048 78278 1978 (WhatsApp friendly)  CHAT WITH US